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How do I add my camera to AV-3104IP via Ethernet?

To properly set up the connection, you need to make sure that your camera supports IP VISCA or ONVIF protocol. You’ll also need to get the following information of your camera: IP VISCA: Camera IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway and UDP port number ONVIF: Camera IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, ONVIF port number and ONVIF username&password Step 1: Choose the right protocol (IP VISCA / ONVIF) 【SETUP】-> “Setup 05/08” -> "IP VISCA" or "ONVIF" Step 2: Set up the controlller's IP address so that it's within the same network segment as your camera 【SETUP】-> “Setup 02/10” -> “IP: Static” -> set controller's IP address, subnet mask, gateway Step 3: Add your camera 【IP】-> IP address of the controlled camera -> Port info -> Cam number To read the detailed instructions on other connection methods and more camera models, please go to: How to connect PTZ camera with AV-3104IP

PTZ Camera

How to access camera via IP?

Step1: Please make sure the camera is connected to your laptop/computer/MAC DIRECTLY via an Ethernet cable. Srep2: Change your laptop/computer/MAC's Ethernet configuration, including IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway, so that it's within the same network segment with your camera. Step3: Access camera by entering its IP address in the address bar in your browser. For more detailed instructions, please go to: Access AViPAS Camera via IP

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