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AV-1560 20x PTZ Camera w/ PoE 【Output: 3G-SDI/HDMI/LAN】

AV-1280 (White/Grey) 10x PTZ Camera w/PoE 【Output: 3G-SDI/LAN】

AV-3104IP IP Joystick Controllerw/PoE

20x Zoom Streaming Kit

SKU: 20x Kit
AV-1280 Color
Out of Stock
  • 2 PTZ cameras with different optical zoom configuration is perfect for any large space (>80ft).

    20x PTZ camera has 3GSDI & HDMI & USB output for monitoring and local storage.

    IP controller can join LAN via an Ethernet cable. Capable of adding and controlling more cameras for future upgrading.

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