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How to choose the right camera


Optical Zoom & FOV 

To determine the proper amount of optical zoom for your camera, you'll need to know the distance between your camera and the target. For a clear half-portrait picture, here's our recommendation:

                <30ft               5x optical zoom

                30ft - 80ft        10x optical zoom

                80ft - 100ft      20x optical zoom

                >100ft            30x optical zoom

The field of view (FOV) represents the viewing angle the camera will capture. The FOV will change as you zoom the camera. Here's the FOV range for each camera:

                              View angle (H)        View angle (V)

AV-1563                65° - 2.34°           36.6° - 1.32°

AV-2020                60° - 3.23°           33.8° - 1.82°

AV-1560                60.7° - 3.36°        34.1° - 1.89°

AV-1362U              54.7° - 3.3°          30.8° - 1.86°

AV-1080/81/82     60.9° - 6.43°        34.3° - 3.62°

AV-1280/81           60.9° - 6.43°        34.3° - 3.62°

AV-1250/51           83.7° - 20°           47.1° - 11.25°



Each camera has multiple video output ports. 

SDI: works with BNC cable. Choose SDI option if you have a switcher w/ SDI inputs, SDI-USB capture card, or a monitor with SDI inputs;

HDMI: works with HDMI cable. Choose HDMI if you have a switcher w/ HDMI inputs, HDMI-USB capture card, or a monitor / TV. Please note: HDMI does NOT work with computer directly. 

USB: works with USB cable (included in the package) USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 use different cables. It works just like a webcam, easy to set up. Choose USB if you are new to PTZ IP cameras, or use software such as OBS, vMix, etc. for streaming and recording.

IP: works with Ethernet (CAT5/6) )cable. All cameras has IP output. When use the camera through IP, you will need a computer (PC/MAC) that has an Ethernet port, and set the IP configuration accordingly.


PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Power over Ethernet delivers power, IP control and video over a single Ethernet (CAT5/6) cable. You will need a PoE Switch for PoE models. The PoE switch works as a power station and a hub for cameras and computer. There are different PoE standards, AV-2020 requires a PoE+ 802.3at standard for higher capacity, while other PoE models use PoE 802.3af standard.


Camera Control

There are 3 ways to control the camera:

1. IR Remote controller: each PTZ camera comes with a IR remote controller in the package. You may control / set the camera using the remote;

2. Control over IP: each camera can be controlled over Ethernet. You may connect the camera to a computer via CAT5/6 and access the camera by typing its IP address into the address bar of a browser. There you can find a control panel for PTZ and preset control.

3. Joystick controller: joystick controllers provide more precise control of the camera. There're 2 ways of connecting: 

- via serial cable (RS232/485/422). RS232 cable is included in the camera package. The distance is limited to 50ft max using serial control. 

- via Ethernet. You will need a IP controller (e.g. AV-3104IP).



If there's a 3.5mm audio jack on the camera, it means the camera can accept a LINE level audio input. All models support embedded audio via Ethernet output.

Please make sure you're using a LINE level audio input, usually it's from a powered mic, or an audio mixer. Then to enable embedded audio, log in to the camera interface (via IP, using a browser), under audio configuration, choose Encode Type->AAC; Sample Rate->48000.

Please not AV-2020 does NOT support embedded audio over HDMI/SDI; AV-1560 does NOT support audio over HDMI.


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