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We offer the following warranty periods to the different product series:


Product Series                                 Warranty Period

    PTZ Cameras                                 2 year conditional

Joystick Controllers                           2 year conditional

Thank you for your interest in the products of AVIPAS Inc. 

This Limited Warranty applies to HD Conference Camera purchased from AVIPAS Inc.

This Limited Warranty covers any defect in material and workmanship under normal use within the Warranty Period. AVIPAS Inc. will repair or replace the qualified products at no charge. 

AVIPAS Inc. provides a two (2)-year warranty (from the date of purchase) for this HD Conference Camera. 

This Limited Warranty does not cover problems including but not limited to: improper handling, malfunction or damage not resulting from defects in the material.

To receive warranty service, please contact SERVICE@AVIPAS.COM first. We will decide whether a repair or replacement is needed and will advise you of the cost of such repair or replacement.

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