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How do I stream using RTSP?

Choose "Media input"-> use rtsp in Input. AV-1560/1360/ AV-1070/ AV-1071: rtsp:// AV-1361/1362/1364/ AV-1080 Series/ AV-1280 Series/ AV-1250 Series
rtsp:// AV-1161: rtsp://admin:@

How do I live stream using RTMP?

Go to RTMP page of the streaming platform you are using, you’ll find the server URL (RTMP address) and a stream key:

Server URL

Stream Key

Copy the Server URL and Stream Key, go to your camera IE browser UI, choose “Network” on the left -> RTMP settings -> MRL

First Stream ON -> Video & Audio ON -> MRL: server URL + Stream Key

Click “Apply” and reboot the camera.

* For more detailed instructions, please to go "User Manual"-> "How to live stream" document according to your camera model.

How to connect my PTZ camera with a joystick controller?

There're 3 ways that you may do this: RS232, RS485/422, Ethernet * All AViPAS cameras have RS232 or RS485/422 port, please go to "User Manual" -> "Controller connection" to download the instructions. * AV-3104IP IP controller supports VISCA over IP & ONVIF for IP control. Please go to "User Manual" -> "IP controller connection" to download the instructions.

Can I control multiple cameras with one controller?

Yes. * If the camera has RS232 In & out ports on the back, you may easily daisy chain multiple cameras. Please set different camera ID (VISCA/Pelco address) to each camera. * If the camera has RS485, you may make a RS485 cable for multi-camera control. Please go to "User Manual"-> "RS-485 multi-camera control" for detailed instructions.

How to do firmware update?

Please go to "User Manual"-> "Firmware upgrade (....)" according to your camera model. For AV-3104IP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/38fbwwoosze34g3/KBD2000_V1.2.7_20200324.csf?dl=0

How to access my camera on a PC (via IP)?

Please go to "SUPPORT"->"HOW TO MATERIALS"->"Access camera via IP" to download the detailed instructions.

What kind of PoE power should I use for AViPAS PoE cameras?

AViPAS PoE cameras need a 12V-1.5A input. Please check your power device for its output voltage. You will need a PoE Switch for AV1250/1280 series and AV-1560; a PoE+ switch for AV-2020.

Remote Control Shortcuts for AV-1560/1360/1071/1070

Press buttons in sequence: 1. To set Camera IR Address
【*】+【#】+【F1】: Address1; 【*】+【#】+【F2】: Address2
【*】+【#】+【F3】: Address3; 【*】+【#】+【F4】: Address4
2. Other useful shortcuts
【*】+【#】+【1】: OSD menu default English
【*】+【#】+【3】: OSD menu default Chinese
【*】+【#】+【4】: Display default IP address
【*】+【#】+【5】: Save OSD
【*】+【#】+【6】: Reset to factory default
【*】+【#】+【8】: Look up camera version
【*】+【#】+【9】: Quick inversion setup
【*】+【#】+【Manual】: Restore default IP address

Remote Control Shortcuts for AV-128x/108x/125x Series

Press buttons in sequence:
1. To set Camera IR Address (Camera Select #)
【*】+【#】+【F1】: Address1; 【*】+【#】+【F2】: Address2
【*】+【#】+【F3】: Address3; 【*】+【#】+【F4】: Address4 2. To set Camera Video Format
【#】+【#】+【0】: 1080P60 【#】+【#】+【1】: 1080P50
【#】+【#】+【2】: 1080i60 【#】+【#】+【3】: 1080i50
【#】+【#】+【4】: 720P60 【#】+【#】+【5】: 720P50
【#】+【#】+【6】: 1080P30 【#】+【#】+【7】: 1080P25 3. Other useful shortcuts
【#】+【#】+【#】: Clear all presets
【*】+【#】+【3】: Set language to Chinese
【*】+【#】+【4】: Set language to English
【*】+【#】+【6】: Restore factory defaults
【*】+【#】+【9】: Flip switch
【*】+【#】+【MANUAL】: Restore the default user name, password and IP address

No enbedded audio?

If there's a 3.5mm audio jack on the camera, it means the camera can accept a LINE level audio input. All models support embedded audio via Ethernet output. Please make sure you're using a powered mic (lLINE level audio) and under audio configuration, you choose Encode Type->AAC; Sample Rate->48000. AV-1560 and AV-1360 do not support audio via HDMI.

Can't get connected using RTMP (to YouTube live, wowza server, etc.)

Please check our instructions for live streaming; Also, you may want to check the camera configerations: 1. please use H.264 for encoding 2. audio configuration: Encode Type->AAC; Sample Rate->48000. Save settings and reboot the camera. Restart the live stream and see if there's any change.

Can AViPAS cameras be used with Zoom?

Yes. If you have a USB model (AV-1082/ AV-1362/ AV-1362U), you may use the USB output, directly connecting to your computer, and choose the device as Zoom video input. If you have other model, you may use OBS Virtual Cam following the steps below:

  • Make sure your computer is configured according to the camera: open IE/ Chrome browser, and make sure you can log into the camera.
  • Download OBS Virtual Cam: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wwbf8632e35yce/obs-virtualcam-2.0.5-Windows-installer.exe?dl=0
  • Open OBS Studio: 1. Selecting Tools -> VirtualCam; 2. Press start button and close dialog; 3. Open your 3rd party program and choose "OBS-Camera" as a Video input

What's the size of the power plug?

AV-1250 Series/ 1080 Series/ 1280 Series/ 1362 Series: AV-1070 Series/ 1560:

Port information for AViPAS cameras:

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