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For AV-1080/1280/1081/1281/1082/1362/1563

HTTP API Command List

For AV-2020

In order for AV-2020 to support browser commands (can be added as a browser source in OBS, working with stream deck, for instance), please do a firmware upgrade forst: 1. Make sure the current firmware App version is V908; 2. Download AVIPAS_AV2020-Mainboard_ARM_V3.0A_20210401.bin and fw_fullHD18X_H5_MN34422_20210330_V974.bin to your computer. 3. Log in to AV-2020 in a browser, go to "Settings" -> "Firmware Upgrade", select the downloaded file one at a time, complete the upgrade. After upgrading, App version is V974. 4. Reboot the camera, then you may add command in the browser address bar. e.g. Add preset 1:{"image":{"preset":{"add":1}}} Call preset 1:{"image":{"preset":{"call":1}}} Delete preset 1:{"image":{"preset":{"del":1}}} Download firmware upgrade HTTP API Instructions