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The Avipas AV-1364 is a new intelligent auto-tracking camera with a built-in high-speed processor, and advanced image processing & analysis algorithms. It allows lecture capturing to be more accurate, faster and smoother. AV-1364 equips with a full HD 1080p tracking camera with 20X optical zoom & 10X digital zoom, and an integrated panoramic camera for analysis. With the provided IVESmart tool, AV-1364 is easy to install and maintain. Both the tracking & panoramic camera have 2 outputs: 3GSDI and LAN.


AV-1364 Demo Footage

Please download for setting up AV-1364: V1.2.1


Warranty Period: Limited 2-year

AV-1364 20x SDI Auto-Tracking Camera

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    • Integrated design: a built-in panoramic camera works in coordination with the tracking camera
    • Advanced tracking algorithms for object detection
    • User-defined tracking & masking areas
    • 1920 x 1080 high resolution output with a frame rate up to 60fps
    • High SNR of CMOS sensor combined with 2D&3D noise reduction algorithm
    • Wide dynamic exposure function to avoid target darken under strong-light background such as projectors
    • H.264/H.265 video compression
    • Low-power sleep function, lower than 0.4W
    • IP streaming & 3GSDI output

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